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Hail Eris

Already changed my icon to this, but figured I’d post the actual picture.  Please ignore the fact that I’m a little bit of a chubba… I was so freaking happy.  And while I might have had this WHOLE thing in my head I wanted to say to him (wanted to thank him and wanted to remind him that he was having an epic nerd birthday this year) - not a single thing happened.

All I got to do was hug him for that brief few seconds, and then as I was leaving, I turned back and touched his arm to get his attention.  He turned and looked at me and all I could manage was a “Thank you.  For everything.”  

And like I mentioned in my blog, I know he’ll never read this (or that) but yeah…

Everything - the work you do for your fans, the fact that you are as approachable as you are, the fact that you’re willing to tolerate going to the weirdest places (like Detroit) for conventions to cater to your fans.  You have no idea how much we appreciate it.  

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    Do you really believe that he has any idea of what happens in the internet with every move he makes? By the way, you are...
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    Your lips to His (his agents’ or whomever might be able to show him) ears. LOL I dunno. I was just thoroughly impressed...
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    Love her loving him. Yup, Karl… Thank you for everything.
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